Garden Landscapes and Plant Services


Specializing in plant and garden services from the Ladysmith area, north to Nanaimo, and to other areas of Vancouver Island upon request. I do my own work and like to establish a professional working relationship. By listening to you I can help realize your vision for a personalized garden.

With regard to garden plantings and garden landscapes, renovating or restoring existing gardens is a particular interest of mine. Specific projects may include: Designs, selective pruning, shaping and/or thinning of shrubs and trees for views, new plantings or features, prune creatively, replant, and update. 

Also, if there is a disconnect between the house and garden, I would be happy to suggest changes to bring the two together: changes to your house can revolutionize your interior space by also integrating the garden.

Please Note: For lawn-care (grass cutting) this is offered as part of a larger service. For lawn-care only, there are usually many affordable options available in your immediate neighbourhood. I myself do not currently provide heavy hard-landscaping machines, and as a gardener I am not a suitable person to call out for swimming pool cleaning services, concrete stripping, gutter cleaning, or other specialist non-gardening services. Thank you.

Recent Posts

Vivid Welsh Poppy: Sunshine Colour and Silk

This saffron-tinted variety of the usually yellow Welsh Poppy (Meconopsis cambrica), is so vivid that I resorted to using indirect light – rather than direct sun – to allow the silky delicate details of the petals to be captured. The same happens with some human faces, something well-known in portraiture. Although they can be difficult to get established, the Welsh Poppy will self-seed if happy in their situation. This is one of the few Meconopsis poppies that is not from Asia, where those stunning blue species can be found. A quick identification tip for Meconopsis poppies: look at the shape of the green centre that becomes the seed pod, and it will be tapered as opposed to flattened like in other orange poppy species.


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