City of York rose and Youthful Ignorance

The first few roses are coming into bloom in the garden, and this is one of my all-time favourites: the old climber/rambler “City of York”. The foliage is a glossy green and heavily scented, not too dissimilar from the flower itself.

For the record, when first gardening I was of the youthful opinion that roses were all hype and just floozy things that keel over and die, after inflicting extensive thorn damage to one’s vulnerable bits. This was in the 70’s when modern big-flowered monsters were all the rage. It was only later when I came across the older varieties,  particularly at Waterperry Gardens, and bought a house with Rugosa roses, that the conversion happened. The thorns are still there, but then that makes the scent even more rewarding.

As for Rugosa roses, they are not all magenta things planted in road meridians, to be tortured and cut back every year as part of highway maintenance, but are handsome hedging shrubs that also come in beautiful porcelain pinks and whites as their flower colour. And that is quite an attractive combination to have in any plant. The photo is of a multi-petalled and heavily-scented rugosa rose, of the magentas colour.



Blooming May

A quick post showing some of the flowers that are out right now. The lilac and laburnum anchor the back corner of my garden and hide a compost heap. The rhododendron is in a park down by the harbour.

Also, the wildlife pond is filling in nicely: