Late September Flowers

The last 2 months have been extremely dry, and only the vulnerable plants have received water (recently transplanted shrubs, container plants, vegetables, and so on). Those field poppies that I had not pulled up for seed collecting or tidying up, have in places benefitted from a splash of water and have gone into a new phase of flowering. This is a welcome event in an otherwise largely scorched-brown and green landscape. The lack of flowering is because most plants are producing fruit, seed and/or preparing for the autumn, but where a second late blooming is occurring – as happens with some of the roses –  I have managed to scrounge a few flowers for the mandatory vase on the dormant fireplace.

One area of bright colour are the various tomatoes, both red and yellow varieties. The cold spring and dry summer, plus my inattention, has resulted in late tomatoes whose skin has a bitter taste and texture of an old tennis ball found under a bush. This is a great opportunity to do something else with them, so some kind of salsa beckons….