Halloween and October 31st in the Garden

Now is the time to store away items to protect them from the winter: furniture, frost-prone pots, hammocks, and such, and to clean up the tools in the shed. Being Halloween today, I will be using a few items this evening.

And the leaves….  On dry days, I like to run the mulching mower over the leaves to feed the lawn, and pile other leaves where they can usefully compost down without being blown around. However, we missed the cool dry autumn it seems, and November rains came in October, making clean-up a soggy affair. Here on the east side of Vancouver Island we are at least in the rain shadow of the mountains, but that is a relative term, given that the west side of the island is officially Temperate Rainforest. Well, at least it is not snowing, yet.

So… November looks like it could be this year’s October, which is something to look forward to.

Touch wood.