“Fire and Ice” flower planting

Many have commented on the colour scheme and composition of a postcard flyer I made for 2013, that is like an impressionist’s painting. The original photo was taken in our front garden and then cropped for the card:

card2013I was looking through some photos from a 2009 visit to Cornwall, UK, and happened across this one from The Eden Project.V-Crafts - 09

Fire and Ice again. The tricky part of doing either of these is to get a reliable colour from the red-bronze Rudbeckias which add that extra dimension to the colour scheme: I find that they have a habit of being unpredictable in colour patterning. My strategy has been to tag them and move them after flowering, to get reliable colouring. However, then I find that flower colour then varies again so there seems to be an environmental factor at play as well as one of plant breeder’s variety. So we have to accept that serendipity may create the unexpected success too, and enjoy the result whatever it is.

Good luck, and have unexpected fun if want to try this.