Late Summer Gardening: Dusty’s Cedar Gates

P1300988Most people are capable of fastening a few bits of wood together with a nail gun and the accuracy of give-or-take a few inches (stand well back), but to construct a four-part gate without nails or screws – excepting the hardware such as hinges – takes a real talent, and put on top of that an attention to decorative detail, and here are photographs of what happens. Note that each side has two parts hinged together, totalling four major components.

What I like is that not only are the gates constructed to last decades but that they are also unique, with each panel having an individual decorative element, and are a real and valuable addition to the garden.


In this smaller picture the second part of the gate has been folded back behind the other and is therefore not visible.  And yes, I do work on Dusty’s garden, but the reason for posting this is to share something we can all aspire to even if many of us lack the necessary fundamentals to achieve this. If someone offers to knock it together in a day, go elsewhere.

Design, construction and installation (in progress) by Dustin Schlachter