One of the Best or Most Brilliant Garden Ideas


Yes, there is one idea – or invention if you like – that every garden should have and it could be as low-tech as a tree stump on it’s side, or as elaborate as an Emperor’s throne. Yes, a seating area. If you do not have one already in your garden, then do yourself a favour and get one this year, ideally very soon. My first one was an old plank of wood nailed onto a tree stump. The one in the picture above is of a simple design and weather-resistant wood. There are some magnificent ones too (you will find a photo at the very bottom of this page which as they say “really takes the biscuit”. It is at the Oxford Botanical Gardens).

So, picture yourself pausing, taking just a moment to look around and take in the atmosphere. Without somewhere to seat oneself, it is so easy to not take a break or to pass on by and miss the world around you. Your cat will thank you too, if you have one. Then you may need another seat.

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Rodmarton Manor (above)


Western Development Museum grounds, Saskatchewan (above)
V-Crafts - 13
Oxford Botanical Gardens (above)


The 2015 Gardening Year

It feels great to think that the birds are starting to sing and establish their territories in preparation for the upcoming spring. We have so far been spared a heavy dump of snow, but it should be expected at some point. My home tasks involve preparing new vegetable beds when it is not too wet, tackling one or two rows early every morning. Happy New Year and Festive Gardening to all. plants5