Vivid Welsh Poppy: Sunshine Colour and Silk

This saffron-tinted variety of the usually yellow Welsh Poppy (Meconopsis cambrica), is so vivid that I resorted to using indirect light – rather than direct sun – to allow the silky delicate details of the petals to be captured. The same happens with some human faces, something well-known in portraiture. Although they can be difficult to get established, the Welsh Poppy will self-seed if happy in their situation. This is one of the few Meconopsis poppies that is not from Asia, where those stunning blue species can be found. A quick identification tip for Meconopsis poppies: look at the shape of the green centre that becomes the seed pod, and it will be tapered as opposed to flattened like in other orange poppy species.


Wet and Stormy Spring


Well, these willow trees – photographed in April – are doing a good job at summarizing most of spring, 2017. When the sun pops out and the soil starts to dry, then there is a lot of work to be done in a short time. However, in a few weeks time summer may pay a visit and hot dry days descend upon us. This April and May there is much greenery, so let us enjoy it for what it is: soon we may be surrounded by brown grasses and hot dry winds.