Owlpen Manor

In a small valley on the Cotswold escarpment in Gloucestershire, England, called Owlpen, there is a church, Manor house, mill and various farm buildings plus a few houses. These pictures are from the grounds of the manor house. The hedges could do with a prune but that is the reality when there is not unlimited labour, the owners seniors, and the setting bucolic. Apparently those hedges were laid out sometime in the 1620s. From a visit in 2008, although I first saw the setting back in the late 1970s when out on cycling adventures:

P1040872 P1040874 P1040890 P1040891 P1040897 P1040900 P1040906 P1040908 P1040912 P1040932 P1040934 P1040936 P1040939 P1040945 P1040973 P1040975 P1040982 P1040986 P1040988 P1040995And why show these pictures? Answer: You do not have to have an immaculate garden to have a great garden, and everything does not have to be square, level and upright. Relax and enjoy.