February: Looking Forward to the Gardening Year


FebsnowdropsOn some days I think it is mid-March: at 8 or 9+ degrees Celsius the days are quite warm at present, although the nights are still cold and frosts are to be expected. As I look out the kitchen window, I can see snow squalls on the mountain, and also flowers in the garden. This is a worthy reminder that winter is not gone yet, but we can still be gardening, given some suitable clothing.

Here beside the ocean, last year’s perrennial growth can now be cut back and tidied up.¬†As regards the soil, I think it is still too wet and cold to be worked properly, so ideally new plantings etc. can be left to early Spring proper.

So, shake out the old coat and head out into the fresh air if you can. Or get in touch with me. A little bit done now makes for more time relaxing in the spring sunshine (sometimes everything just seems to suddenly grow overnight: we must have all had that experience). March is just around the corner…. I often think of the old English expression “Mad as a March hare”.