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All photographs on this website are copyright of Guy Menendez. In addition, I have an extensive photo library that can be used for creative purposes – so if there is a particular image you are looking for then please contact me – or new work can be commissioned on a bespoke basis.

For example, below is a series of postcards I was commissioned to do by a UK-based English landscape gardening company.


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Seasonal Garden Sculpture: Woodperson Surprise and Hanging Tulips

Recently an old(ish) friend shared this photograph – and so for a change I am not using my own image – of a woodland garden sculpture, from a place in North Devon, England, called Broomhill Sculpture Park. It could be quite a shock to the system if unexpected, but a great example how off-season interest can be introduced into a garden. I will not add any more, except if I knew the artist, I would name them. It is a wonderful photograph too.

Photo: Sharon Murray. Broomhill Sculpture Park.

Photo: Sharon Murray. Broomhill Sculpture Park.

This garden sculpture theme ties in nicely with a current experiment of mine to make moss hanging baskets to provide winter greenery in our locally cool temperate and very wet winter climate. For the hanging baskets, then the plan is for a spring surprise of bright vivid tulips that are hanging high and out of the reach of the deer (who no doubt have also been waiting all winter for their spring candy snacks).

For background, the next photos are of the initial hanging tulips surprise: It was accidental as the bulbs were in-passing shoved into a hanging basket to keep them alive and then forgotten about.  The result should I hope be improved upon this coming spring, with wire baskets and cascading ferny mosses instead of plastic providing the winter interest. The tulip colours planned are also more volcanic.

phototulip1 - 1 phototulip2 - 1

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