Long Nights in the Garden, Winter Sun, and Orchid in a Cup


There is not much to say regarding verdant garden exploits, as the sun sinks lower on the horizon: upon rising it seems to have trouble climbing into the sky during the day – at least in the northern hemisphere at the latitude of Vancouver Island – resulting in dark cold pockets in the garden for the next several months. However, if you have just rescued your potted plants from outside and put them indoors for shelter, the low sun can penetrate deeper indoors and provide some much needed light.

The good news is that now the bones of the garden, in the form of trees, rocks, and edgings, come into their own and yet another season in the garden arrives. This is also a great time to plan and scheme, as Spring is not far away. In the meantime cold conditions and clear skies are good for pruning many dormant trees – fruit trees especially – and so we can still enjoy some outdoors exercise and bracing fresh air.

Oddly the first snow arrived several days ago (about a month early), so maybe there may be an early Spring too? Myself, I am reminded of the dried shrivelled brown root I rescued, then dumped in a bucket in the garage (plus bark and water), and left alone in weak light. Green leaves appeared, followed 3 or 4 months later by flower buds. Right now it is coming into full bloom. Just like the seasons, life is born anew. Here we go…. what a surprise… (I would welcome a firm identification, email virdigrisgardening@shaw.ca);

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