May Time in the Garden – Spring Flowers and Scent



Muted colours but sweet scents, rain showers then sunshine, and the promise of summer to come, all this can be found in the garden in May, here in the temperate northern hemisphere. These were gathered from the garden for Mother’s Day and put into a vase: Bluebells, Tulips, Lilac and a hybrid involving Koreanspice Vibernum (V. carlesii x, I think, having lost track of that one’s identity some years back after the dog chewed the newly planted shrub down to the ground, but amazingly it recovered). The Koreanspice (or hybrid) is a highlight of the year, and should ideally be obtained in flower so the plant can be selected on the basis of it’s scent (quality varies).

Then there are the plants that will not fit in a vase: at the bottom of the garden is a Laburnum and stand of Lilac that show each other off wonderfully, aided by the purple tree foliage behind and to one side – despite my reservations about that colour on trees – and clear blue sky above.