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Since gardens evolve continuously, not only do a number of people have input into a garden, but it usually involves piecemeal changes, and the result may not be seen for a year or more. However, sometimes the canvas is relatively blank, and I have made two of my own gardens locally, starting with the Blue House where there was little except long grass, and the Green House where there were a few good remnants left by a keen gardener some years back. My own current project is something quite different, covering a number of acres and located in Yellowpoint, so watch this space….

The Blue House (Nanaimo).

On Machleary Street (became the “Blue House”) there were three trees worth keeping and two shrubs, all the rest was grass and concrete surrounding a grey house.

New plantings focussed on shrubs and flowers, taking advantage a sunny exposed aspect. The result was a bright cheerful garden, a marked contrast to the dull grey house and plain yard that existed previously.







The Green House (Nanaimo).

On Kennedy Street (the “Green House”) the garden was twice the size and had once long ago been something, so contained some fine mature deciduous trees in the rear, but the rest had become little more than scrub, mud and junk, with ill-placed Douglas Fir trees that sadly had to go.

The front garden was free-draining, exposed and dry, so it was transitioned into a mediterranean-influenced/english-cottage garden with drought-tolerant and resilient plants.

The larger rear garden had to cater to the needs of children and pets, and was built upon in a family-orientated manner.







The south side is sheltered by (jn sequence): a pear tree, walnut tree, large holly, and an elderly European Hazel, and so is a mix of woodland-edge and south-facing herbaceous beds on the north side, with fruit and vegetables in the sunniest spots.

Select the other tabs shown below “Portfolio Before and After” for further pictures of some of my own gardens, including the gardens above, at various stages of development.


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