Fees and Terms & Conditions


FEES: A two hour minimum charge applies in the Nanaimo City through to Yellow Point/Ladysmith core area unless agreed otherwise. Outside of this area is at my discretion. For commuting to the work site I do not charge for road-travel time or for gas, within my core service area.

Hourly Rates On-site:

  • $25.00 / hr Seniors or Disability + tax
  • $30.00 / hr Standard on site + tax 

Hourly Rates Off-site (written reports etc.) by quote.

The taxes that apply vary according to the service provided/items supplied: services to fixed property are currently often PST exempt.

BILLING: For routine gardening, I will bill you as per our agreement, usually on a 2 week cycle or calendar month, due upon receipt.

For large-ticket projects, all materials to be paid for up front, labour 50% downpayment on quoted jobs with balance on completion.

Please make any cheques payable to: Virdigris Gardening


I strive to safeguard your property and your interests while on the job. As with almost any endeavour, however, there are risks involved, and the natural world can be unpredictable. On rare occasions, plant loss, deterioration of garden structures, and other issues may occur.

Quotes or estimates are given providing that no site conditions or circumstances arise that are outside of my control or that could not have been reasonably foreseen. Full technical site surveys are cost-prohibitive for most gardening projects. If such conditions or circumstances arise, I will strive to provide a suitable solution.

Plants respond differently according to their environment and may not always match their picture or expected form. Wood, stone etc are natural materials and variations will occur, which makes every piece unique.

Although I carry significant liability insurance, at no time is my liability to exceed the total cost paid, if any, for services on the day(s) of the occurrence(s), or $100.00 in Canadian funds, whichever is greater.

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