The Acreage (The “Grey” House)


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This project has been on the go for 2 years now, and has so far mainly focussed on the creation of vegetable gardens, tree care, and framing of views. I have not as yet organized a chronology of photos, but hope to keep adding them.

A lot of work on pastures (weed control, fencing, and so on) has been a change of scale from the urban flower beds, but the basic tenets of soil care and defining what is a weed according to it’s context has remained. Laneway avenues, wildflower meadows, native plants and animals, and creation of varied habitats to encourage diversity have all been very much according the bigger picture.

As for the house garden, well…. that has been maturing as an idea, as my transplanted favourite plants remain potted in the vegetable garden, safe from all the voracious animals that have tried to decimate them.

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